When diet and exercise is just not enough

I am SO excited about this new piece of Acupuncture research that has just been published!

Now, before I get into it, I just want you to be aware that I am really into my fitness and nutrition! I participate in fitness competitions and I do not want to sell you a 'magic' product to get the body you want! In my opinion, diet and exercise will ALWAYS win when it comes to weight loss! However, there are some individuals who feel they are doing all the things they should be doing and still can't shift the weight, or plateau! That's where I think Acupuncture can be used as a helpful tool!

This new research concentrates on using Acupuncture for people who have been diagnosed with obesity without giving them a diet and exercise program- they most probably did not prescribe any dietary or exercise advice to ensure there finding were truly based on the Acupuncture treatments.

I would NEVER say to anyone to just have this Acupuncture treatment without addressing their diet and exercise habits because guess what?.. after they stop the Acupuncture treatment they will put the weight back on probably due to a calorie surplus!

Now, back to the research!

Obesity is an increasingly prevalent chronic condition with the high risk of serious morbidity and mortality. The increased risks of hypertension, heart disease, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, cerebrovascular disease, gallbladder disease and some types of cancers are well known in those who are overweight (BMI of 25+) and obese (BMI of 30+) individuals. Weight control treatments include diet therapy, behavioral therapy, medications, surgical procedures and Acupuncture. The negative sides of anti-obesity medications and surgery is the potential for iatrogenic illness. Also, I feel that without addressing the individuals diet and exercise needs, people can fall back into unhealthy habits and put the weight back on. In addition, The World Health Organisation's (WHO) report on Acupuncture states that Acupuncture demonstrates a therapeutic effect for the treatment of obesity!

In a 5 week clinical trial using 40 individuals with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 and over. Participants underwent a physical exams before the study and none were found to have any obesity linked conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, nephropathy, heart failure and were not receiving any medications.

The participants were split into 2 groups- one Acupuncture group and another Sham Acupuncture group (where the needles were not inserted into the skin, but placed on the skin with tape). Pre-Acupuncture and Pre-Sham groups showed no significant differences in BMI, weight, serum insulin and leptin levels and all participants completed the full course of treatment.

Both groups received two sessions per week for a total of 10 sessions. Duration of each session was 20 minutes. Both treatments were performed by a certified acupuncturist. All patients were asked not to follow dietary treatments, not to undergo heavy physical exercise, and not to take supplementary medications.

Laboratory data supports the conclusions of the research in this controlled clinical trial. After the 5 week trial, the findings showed that the participants receiving Acupuncture achieved a 2.9KG mean weight loss and a 1.43 mean BMI decrease (and remember, this was WITHOUT diet or exercise!). The laboratory findings, including serum levels of insulin, leptin, ghrelin, and cholecystokinin are consistent with the results.

The controlled study documents that sham Acupuncture DOES NOT produce significant positive patient outcomes, only true Acupuncture achieves clinical results. Based on the evidence, researchers conclude that Acupuncture treatment regulates weight for patients with obesity.

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For more information, visit the full article at: http://www.healthcmi.com/Acupuncture-Continuing-Education-News/1849-acupuncture-found-effective-for-obesity-reduction

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