Acupuncture found effective for indigestion!

May 8, 2018

We have all probably had it at some point of our lives; that burning sensation after eating a certain meal or eating too quickly- normally you can just pop a Rennie and Bobs your Uncle you feel right as rain again! But, unfortunately some people get this a bit more frequently than others. Indigestion, or functional dyspepsia, is a functional problem of the gastrointestinal tract within or systems- in other words, our bodies have difficulty digesting certain foods of stomach acids



Symptoms of indigestion include:

- Abdominal pain

- Heartburn or acid reflux

- Bloating

- Excessive gas (burping or flatulence)

- Nausea (with or without vomiting)

- Rumbling stomach discomfort

- Constipation or diarrhea

- Decreased appetite


Sound like you? Then fear no more! Recent research at the Hunan University of Chinese Medicine in China has found Acupuncture effective for indigestion! Results from the study showed that Acupuncture was effective in alleviating upper abdominal pain and burning, nausea and belching. In this clinical trial, two popular Acupuncture points (Zusanli and Neiguan) were proven effective for the treatment of function dyspepsia (abdominal discomfort or pain with no known organic cause identifiable with endoscopy).


The total effective rates were as follows:


- 91.3% for upper abdominal pain

- 90.62% for postprandial excess fullness

- 95.45% for premature fullness

- 93.33% for upper abdominal burning sensations

- 87.5% for postprandial nausea

- 83.33% for belching


These results were significantly higher then those of the sham Acupuncture control group which did not reach anything over 42.86%!