Changing people’s perceptions on Acupuncture!

Many people are sceptical about having Acupuncture, and in some way I can’t blame them! Being an Acupuncturist and trying to explain to someone that this medicine works on the basis of invisible channels and energy to someone who was not brought up, or taught, in this Eastern format is very difficult! But before you make up your mind… keep on reading and let me enlighten you about this amazing medicine!

When my patients ask me how Acupuncture works, or how a certain symptom manifests itself in Chinese Medicine terms, I find it sometimes difficult to explain. The simple reason for this is the translation from the Chinese Medicine language! Translating to a more westernised version can be extremely difficult to do! And because it is hard to translate we run the risk of coming across looking and sounding completely bonkers- which we are not… well, most of us aren’t!

My point is that in the same way that Western Doctors have and use a medical language (did you know the word stethoscope came from the Greek words of stēthos ‘breast’ and skopein ‘look at’?!), Acupuncturist and other Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners use their own language- the only difference is that the western medical language is more commonly known, perhaps because we grow up and are surrounded by these terms in life, school and media? You don’t really see adverts with Yin or Qi on them do you?!

When people say to me ‘ah Acupuncture does not work… it’s just a placebo’; I don’t get mad at them for thinking that, they have a right to an opinion. I do believe though that their comments are an uneducated one. There are so many research studies that you can look at (I will link some credible websites below so you can have a look for yourself) that show that Acupuncture DOES WORK! No, there is not research for every condition known to mankind, but that goes for conventional treatments too.

Acupuncture is simply a form of medicine which encourages the body to heal itself. The scientific explanation of how acupuncture works is that it stimulates the nervous system to release your body’s own hormones and chemicals in the brain, muscles and spinal cord. The job of these hormones and chemicals is to either reduce the sense of pain in an area, or to recruit more hormones and chemicals which influence the body’s own independent, internal, self-regulating system which helps heal itself. The effects of this promote a better emotional, mental and physical well-being; pretty cool stuff hey? No wonder the Chinese have been doing this for thousands of years!!

It is time for people to recognise acupuncture as a serious game changer when it comes to health. So many clients of mine come to me as a ‘last resort’ and end having ‘x’ amount of treatments (could be 1, could be 6! Completely dependent on the individual) and then wonders why they didn’t try it in the first place! So next time you or a loved one is ill, why not give Acupuncture a chance… I am sure it will amaze you! You don’t even have to wait until you’re ill! Use Acupuncture to keep yourself happy and healthy!

Let me know what you would like to learn about Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture!

Here are some links to some credible websites to show the research behind acupuncture:

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