Acupuncture Seasonal Treatments

With the first day of Winter just under a month away (21st of December), and the days getting progressively shorter, darker and colder, you may start to notice a gradual change and decrease in your moods and energy levels.

Are you aware that the changes between seasons can have huge impacts on our bodies and minds as they transition from one to another? We are more vulnerable and likely to fall ill or suffer from any form of depression when the seasons change due to the additional demands it places on our bodies.

Winter, in Traditional Chinese Medicine beliefs, is associated with our Kidneys, Bladder and Adrenal Glands. Winter is believed to be the time of year where we should recharge our batteries, reflect on health and conserve strength. The Kidneys are extremely important in Traditional Chinese Medicine as they are the source of our constitutional energy, or Qi. Their job is to store all of the reserve energy in the body so that it can be used in times of stress and change, or to heal, prevent illness, and age gracefully.

When entering, and during the Winter months, it is important to nourish and support our Kidneys as this is the time of year that they are most likely to become depleted.

Seasonal treatments are a great example of preventative treatment to help our bodies and minds stay on top form throughout the year. Acupuncture treatments in winter serve to nurture and nourish the Kidneys which can greatly enhance the body's ability to thrive in times of stress, aid in healing, prevent illness and increase vitality.

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