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This Coaching Plan is an online service, however, all initial materials (plus more!) will be delivered in a luxurious box directly to your door! This plan includes:


  • In-depth Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation for you and your partner to look at your overall health (Via email consultation form and Zoom call)

  • Instructions on how to take and record your BBT

  • ‘A little bit about me'

  • The difference between the different cervical fluids

  • Personalised Diet, exercise and lifestyle advice for yourself

  • Personalised Diet, exercise and lifestyle advice for your partner

  • A word on ovulation kits

  • Advice on supplements

  • Hard copies of BBT charts

  • Weekly check in's (optional- via email)

  • Monthly Zoom check in's

  • Monthly debrief of BBT cycle with changes in diet, exercise and lifestyle where needed

  • 24/7 expert support

  • Oral thermometer

  • 1x pen

  • Special gift


£100 for the first month/cycle, and then £80 for months/cycles thereafter


More information about Fertility Coaching can be found on the 'Natural Fertility Coaching' page.


You will be invoiced after every cycle (once you have sent your BBT chart to me) and can cancel or change plans at any time. Fertility Plans are charged on a 'per cycle' basis, rather than a 'monthly' basis.


Once you have purchased your initial plan, the indepth consultation form will be emailed to you within 24 hours- please check your junk folder and get in touch with me directly if you have not recieved anything within 24 hours.


I look forward to working with you on your journey to a health pregnancy and baby!

Fertility Coaching- Platinum Plan

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